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Size Price
Double page spread £1000
Advertising Feature from £800
Inside front £800
Full page £600
Half page vertical £400
Half page horizontal £400
1/4 page display ad £250
1/4 page magazine gallery ad £150

You can also view our rate card in PDF format online or download it to your computer.

PDF download Rate card: View | Download (PDF - 84k)

All display and trade advertising will be secured with pre-payment.

Special positions and series discounts

If you are a gallery that would like to feature your programme of events and residencies, an agent that works with a number of artists, or an artist that would like to feature a variety of your work, all over one or more issues, please contact Ian Trevett to discuss series discounts and special display positions within the magazine that can achieve a high profile for you.

Loose inserts

Loose inserts are available from £20
per thousand (min 5,000).

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Double page spread Dimensions
Bleed 426mm x 303mm
Trim 420mm x 297mm
Type 408mm x 285mm
Full page
Full page Dimensions
Bleed 216mm x 303mm
Trim 210mm x 297mm
Type 198mm x 285mm
Half page
Half page sizes Dimensions
1/2 Horizontal 186mm x 130mm
Quarter page
Quarter page sizes Dimensions
1/4 Vertical 91mm x 130mm

Artwork information


Once copy has been received this will be deemed to be the final and complete information. Alterations to copy will be accepted at our discretion.


You may be liable for payment in full for any adverts cancelled, or for which copy has not been received within seven days prior to the publication date.

Production contact details

Call Kate or Rhoda on 01273 818150